Everyone experiences some form of stress at some point in their lives, and there is no other time that most people have gone through it than in the past twelve months. Although the word “stress” as a psychological state is somewhat a new concept, it is still an integral part of our daily conversations.

Indeed, some elements of stress can be positive in the sense that it can motivate us to work harder, give us sharp focus to complete a pending task, or make us feel thrilled about something. However, prolonged negative stress, which is the feeling of not being able to cope with hardship or external pressures, can be dangerous to your health and overall well-being. It can cause exhaustion and ill health.

With that said, what can we do to reduce negative stress? Here are 7 stress relief tips that you can use to cope with the external pressures of everyday life.

Start Your Day on the Right Note

Whatever you do, the first thing after waking up will somehow determine how your day will turn out to be. For this reason, it is always a good idea to start your day right by making sure you are up, bathed, and dressed before 9 am. Doing so will make you feel fresh, rejuvenated, and energized for the day.

Keep Your Phone at Bay

Smartphones and other mobile devices can distract you from doing the things you are supposed to do, hence causing unnecessary stress and pressure as the deadline for submission approaches. Keeping your phone in a drawer for at least one hour every day can help you focus and complete your tasks on time.

Get Over the Housework

We see it every day on social media – people with perfect houses. The truth is that no one has the perfect home. It is virtually impossible to complete all the house chores in a single day, meaning sometimes you should not worry about doing all the housework at once. Instead, choose one or two chores to complete every day to avoid negative stress.

Stay Hydrated

You might not know this, but drinking plenty of water every day can help prevent physical stress. According to the comical Jonathan from the Instagram page, Queer Eye, staying hydrating helps reduce stress. Drinking water improves skin health, reduces fatigue, and prevents headaches, leading to a stress-free life.

Stay Active

Working out is another great stress relief tip. Exercise helps release happy hormones that control your mood and stress levels. The best part is that your workout program does not have to be intense. You can jog around the compound for 20 minutes, take a walk around the block or simply climb up the stairs several times. The whole point is to stay active most of the time to avoid boredom and unnecessary stress.

Treat Yourself

Following the pandemic, many people opted to stay indoors in fear of the unknown. However, staying indoors with nowhere to go does not mean you cannot treat yourself to some niceties. From painting your toenails to dyeing your hair, there’s a lot more you can do to make your life comfortable and stress-free. If you have kids, make sure they join the fun too by giving them a nice treat.

Have Fun

You deserve to have fun no matter the situation in the world right now. There’s no better time to become silly and find happiness by trying out things like dancing, knitting, or cooking a new recipe. You can also take your kids out at night to look at the stars, watch an outdoor movie, or even have a random boogie in the living room. Your options are almost endless.

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