How Do I Know If A Loved One Has A Substance Abuse Problem?

- Do you need to drink or use drugs at a definite time every day?
- Do you prefer to drink/use drugs by yourself?
- Do you lie about the amount you drink or drug?
- Is your use of drugs or drinking hurting your family?
- Have you given up activities you used to like to do like sports, schoolwork, hanging out with friends who don’t drink or use drugs?
- Do you lose time from work/school because of your use?
- Has your work or school grades suffered recently?
- Do you use drugs or drink to manage your anxiety, anger or depression?
- Has your use made you more irritable?

If you said YES to any question above, you should seek an evaluation by a professional.

What About Payment?
How Does That Work?

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We believe in putting quality, affordable care within reach. We accept most major insurance plans and provide assistance in attaining financial aid. Our team works tirelessly on your behalf to make addiction treatment accessible. They are powerful client advocates who are invested in a client’s recovery from day one.

If I Think I Do Have A Substance Abuse Problem, What Do I Do To Get Started Towards Health

It's simple to get help

Call TEMPO GROUP and we will guide you on your next step. TEMPO GROUP specializes in the practice of managing chemical dependency for individuals, families and even the community. We respond to inquiries very quickly.

What Is Different About TEMPO GROUP Than Other Drug Treatment Agencies

There are many good treatment places you can access. However, TEMPO GROUP is a one-stop counseling agency that provides a wide array of services. When someone calls, we make every effort to get them in as soon as possible - you have suffered enough - let’s get started as soon as possible. Since we believe strongly that every person is unique, we individualize each person’s program based on their own life needs. TEMPO GROUP has developed a comprehensive proven treatment method over the last 45 years that helps people stop using and return to productive lives. We emphasize the importance of family involvement. It is so gratifying to everyone when people reintegrate into a productive family life. For those that need medical management, we have a psychiatrist knowledgeable in addiction and mental health related issues.

How Do I Tell My Family Or Friends That My Relative (Son, Daughter, Wife, Husband, Mother, Father) Has A Substance Abuse Problem?

Addiction comes with a lot of societal misconceptions and judgments. People often think someone with addiction or addictive qualities are weak. At TEMPO GROUP, we believe anyone who comes for evaluation or help is demonstrating strength. Addiction is considered to be a disease by many, no different than any other medical condition. When family members begin to see addiction in this way, we come to the understanding that most addicts don’t want to act in the way they do - it is their illness that has taken over. As family members, we can be guided in ways to manage in this often chaotic environment.

Do You Have Any Programs That Help Family Members "Get It"?

An important part of the success of the patients in our program is the strong family involvement we offer. There are numerous opportunities for families to understand the concept of chemical dependency and the important role they play. Equally significant is that we offer the chance to discuss the struggles that come along with being part of the chemical dependency/alcohol recovery world.

How Long Does A Program Last?

People aren’t better because an insurance company says you are better. We work with our client base and families until all parties agree that “I get it”. Therefore, we don’t subscribe to the notion that there is a minimum or maximum stay. It is typically agreed upon with the input of the individual, family and professionals.

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