Last year, we were caught off-guard by the pandemic. We had to shelve most of our plans and lead a slower lifestyle. As such, you may be wondering if life will get even slower. Well, unlike last year, this time around we have the opportunity to incorporate slow living into our daily routine more purposefully. 

The world is normally fast-paced. We, therefore, end up consuming far too much in a short period. Our whole being is usually on the move – our minds are always working, our hands and feet always on the move and our social relations are succinct. But that wasn’t the case in 2020. The pace of life as we knew it slowed down. 2020 gave us a rare chance to be more appreciative of the things we have and the people around us. 

Basically, slow living is a type of living that encourages us to be in the moment, to value what we have, live an intentional life, and be more socially connected. It offers us the chance to be mindful and appreciative of whatever we have and how we got them, be it money, relationships, thoughts, or objects. 

Below are some pointers on how to live more purposefully. 


Some of the great ways to disconnect include turning off your phone, keeping off social media, and resisting the urge to reply to every request. Disconnecting from the online world enables you to reconnect with the people and things that are close to you. 

Use this time to undertake more purposeful activities like playing games with your kids, reading a novel, strolling in the countryside, taking your spouse out on a date, or trying out some new delicacies. Even though staying away from technology may seem to be a hard task, it easily attainable if you are strong-willed. Try it out, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy your tech-free time. 


There are numerous ways in which we can include slow living into our lives. Know what works best for you and make it your mission to pursue it. It could be healthy eating, a change of wardrobe, the things you buy, pursuing a hobby, or challenging yourself. Choose an activity that enables you to slow down and be more appreciative of your life. The activity that you settle on should not only enable you to be more mindful but also slows your lifestyle. 

Work less

Work routines may have changed to be more flexible in 2020. Many people are undertaking what were previously office tasks from home. Nonetheless, we may soon need to go back to the office routine. When that happens, remember all you’ve learned about balancing your work life and social life. We only have one life to live. As such, we should live it to the fullest. While the essence of working cannot be downplayed, we should remember not to immerse our lives entirely into it. Create some me-time to enjoy some finer things on your own or with your loved ones.